The mommy time out

So I figured I would follow up on my last post with another mommy trick of mine. This is my favorite mommy re-set but since I moved back in June is much harder to come by since there are no drive through starbucks.

Come 3:00 I sometimes find myself becoming so short with the kids especially if nap time was a flop and lets face it that only happens the days you really need them to nap. I put the kids in the car, drive through starbucks and pull over and drink. It’s always an iced latte or coffee because then I can get the caffeine nice a quick. Then with the kids locked in their seats and restrained err contained (notice the trend) I pull out the phone and facebook. It’s like a mini mommy vacation. So simple I know but there are many a days that this made me nice happy mommy vs mean monster mommy. Now, living out in the country the nearest Starbucks which is 15 minutes away is not a drive through so sometimes it’s a McDonald’s Carmel sundae. And guess what both places have free wifi so I can facebook stalk much faster, Win win. Oh wait did I say Facebook stalk? Yea umm I never do that 😉