Dangerously easy cookie recipe

This week it seems every day is a tea party. This afternoon it is equipped with scones and mommy’s famous tea cookies. The recipe comes from my Aunt Nancy and it’s one of those recipes you kind of wish you never learned because its too easy to make and way to easy to finish off the batch. Your waist line will not be thanking you but I will let you worry about that later.


1 stick butter softened
3 tbs of sugar
1 tsp of vanilla
1 cup of flour
1 cup chopped walnuts

Powder sugar to toss them in.
Cream butter, sugar and vanilla with a spoon. Stir in flour until it forms a ball and add walnuts until combined.

Form into small balls, a little smaller than a golf ball and bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Let cool a few minutes then roll through powder sugar. Makes about 12 cookies depending on size. They don’t expand when baking so you an fit about 2 dozen on a pan. We sprinkled ours with pink finishing sugar per my sons request. If you decide to try these please comment back and let me know what you think.





Home updates

So its been forever since I posted, I tend to do that.  I decided I will use this blog to post our finished projects around the home.  As many know we recently moved into a new house and there is so much to be done.  My mom loves to ask me if I have gotten any new furniture lately as my 2 front rooms are empty.  I have been a bit preoccupied with our first Disney Vacation, which was simply amazinG!  My husband and I will be posting our Disney Tips and Tricks soon, so keep an eye our for that 🙂 Anyways now that Disney is out of the way I will be focusing much of my energy around making our house a home.  Project list includes (and warning it is quite extensive) 

A. Entry Way

B. Formal Dining Room

C. Piano Room

D. Guest Room 1

E. Roans Room (Finish it)

F. Finleys Room (Finish it)

G. Our master.

H. Our office

I. Guest Room 2

J. Laundry Room Update

K. Basement

L. Master Bath

M. Kids Bath

O. Gardens

Ok so I was not lying when I said we had LOTS to do and I am instantly regretting making this list because I can see how much needs to be done.  Roan and Finleys rooms are pretty much done just need finishing touches.  I would love to get my front 3 rooms and Guest room finished this spring though, so its definitely a goal as well as the gardens.  Anyways so there is lots to come and hopefully this blog wont sit so empty for long.

Oh and something very exciting over here to mention; A new drive through starbucks has opened on my exit!!!  Life is good.  Mommy time outs can now commence.

Striving for perfection


Want the perfect pie crust, got it. Need to use an old sweater to create 20 different crafts, done. Want to make your whole home smell amazing with stuff in the yard, check. Redecorate or reorganize without spending a dime?

The internet is a stay at home moms playground with a million and a half ideas just floating around begging to be pinned but in the world of social media it has only exaggerated the need for perfection.  I love pinterest like the next mom but it is not practical to have homes that look like those pins, meals cooked like those pins, laundry rooms,pantries and cabinets organized like those pins, children dressed like those pins, and all the home made DIY activities like those pins all in the same day whilst moms sanity in tact.  Its wonderful to strive for perfection but its not practical.  I posted a status on facebook about my day yesterday and figured I would elaborate on my blog after some of the response from other moms going through the exact same thing.  I have a 1 year old who is into her exploration stage.  I am convinced the child is trying to test the theory that she is a cat and has 9 lives.  She loves to put batteries in her mouth so now the remote goes up on the fireplace mantle because that little back you cant get off when the batteries are dead, she has perfected.  If she sees you are coming for her she BOOKS it in the opposite direction, usually wiping out on the hardwood floors or running staight into a corner (yes this has happened on multiple occasions) she likes to climb things and decides half way up she is done and will now let go, she rides her 3 year old brothers bike, climbs out of her crib, gets her knee so stuck in the crib I thought I would have to break it, the crib not her knee, and she loves WALKING up and down the stairs, oy vey.  And yes you heard that right she JUST turned one.  Lamenting to my husband I rehashed my day, and let me just say he is so amazing and patient with me when I need to just vent.  Stay at home moms are expected to keep this pinterest perfect home, have enlightened toddlers who get to help mommy clean and cook, have all freshly prepared organic meals, and somehow keep the littles alive while doing it all? I think its a conspiracy. Some days yes it does work that way.  Usually because I cleaned the night before once they were in bed, took them out of the home the next day so they could not destroy my house, put them down for naps as soon as we get home, do some laundry and cook while napping and then do an activity that requires very few items before husband comes home for dinner. It sounds lovely but hardly ever happens that way.  Usually I get home, the phone rings, I answer and 10 minutes later I hang up, look down and half of the things in our pantry are on the floor somehow all the while with me standing right there in the kitchen.  Or my 3 year old decided food coloring was icing and ate some (yes this happened yesterday) or he got the jar of sprinkles and decorated EVERY.SQUARE.INCH of our downstairs living space (has happened more than 3 times) or he found the markers and decided he wants to wear a mask (yea check our my FB pics for that one).  My point is that at the end of the day, me being some what sane equals a win.  Kids being fed and at least half of the house being picked up, double win. Pinterest is amazing and no one is doubting that, but when kids are in the picture, predictability along with many other things goes out the window.  I have to remind myself of these things daily.  The reason is, sometimes I find myself getting so frustrated by the fact that the floors I spent an hour cleaning now need to be redone, or that the laundry I spent hours folding now suddenly need refolding because Roan came in and said “Hey mom, watch this cool trick” (my husband is laughing after reading this because he can see and rehear it being played in his head and she pictures are son running through piles of folded clothes and throwing them in the air like handfuls of snow) as he undoes all my hard work.  In the daily frustrations and let downs its too easy to forget how amazing it is that I get to be home with my kids every day and know them individually inside and out.  I do not have to drop them off some place else and go sit at a desk where someone else gets to watch them discover how to get the back of the remote control off so they can eat the batteries, or let someone else make cookies with them, or hear “hey Mom watch this cool trick” as his face lights up as experiences the joy of running through folded laundry.  Being a stay at home mom is the hardest job in the world!  It never ends; as in your work around the clock, and very rarely goes appreciated, but in the end it is worth it to be paid in hugs, kisses, giggles and even cries.  I adore being the one to hold my baby who fell short conquering the yard and I get to be the one who’s hugs and kisses make it all better.  The perfect home doesn’t happen when little ones are in the house.  It happens when they are no longer roaming around playing at your feet. It happens when they no longer need you and suddenly you have the time to try all the pins out and there is no one there to mess it up.  While the days are long and my sanity is test daily, I would never trade it for anything because I have my babies here with me and I recognize what an amazing blessing that is each and every day, or at least today I do 🙂

The mommy time out

So I figured I would follow up on my last post with another mommy trick of mine. This is my favorite mommy re-set but since I moved back in June is much harder to come by since there are no drive through starbucks.

Come 3:00 I sometimes find myself becoming so short with the kids especially if nap time was a flop and lets face it that only happens the days you really need them to nap. I put the kids in the car, drive through starbucks and pull over and drink. It’s always an iced latte or coffee because then I can get the caffeine nice a quick. Then with the kids locked in their seats and restrained err contained (notice the trend) I pull out the phone and facebook. It’s like a mini mommy vacation. So simple I know but there are many a days that this made me nice happy mommy vs mean monster mommy. Now, living out in the country the nearest Starbucks which is 15 minutes away is not a drive through so sometimes it’s a McDonald’s Carmel sundae. And guess what both places have free wifi so I can facebook stalk much faster, Win win. Oh wait did I say Facebook stalk? Yea umm I never do that 😉


Just add water.


Every mom knows that day.  The day where you are tired, the day they are tired, when every little thing leads to a temper tantrum or when you JUST.NEED.A.BREAK.  So here is my quick fix, one of many secrets I have to stay sane.  JUST ADD WATER!!! What does that mean? Well it means one of many things but simply put just add water.  Put them in the tub, pull out the water table, pull out the hose, or as we did today just add a little water to the sink, a few toys and some food coloring and instant 30 minute mommy recharge.  Its a great way to get a break, check my emails or post to facebook  (from my phone on the floor next to them of course) or just reset my mood and best of all it keeps them contained to one place.  Most importantly it keeps them happy and out of trouble. Win Win.  That look on his face in the first picture was when he came up with the brilliant idea “hey I KNOW, LETS ADD FISH!” Oh to be 3 again.  Dont worry Finley got a turn next.


The Good life

I am guessing if you have ever talked to me a few words probably come to mind. 1. Chatty 2. Bubbly. 3. Upbeat.  So as I was in the kitchen whipping up some chocolate pecan pie and some chicken pot pies for dinner I was thinking to myself I should totally start a blog.  You know one of those mommy blogs with great recipes, quirky stories and great cleaning methods and now here I am. Oh Domestic Bliss.

Today I descaled my Keurig and I totally feel the need to inform the world that your keurig needs to be descaled!  One of my favorite cleaning agents is white vinegar and so descaling my keurig will probably become a favorite passtime of mine.  My love for it developed when we got the worlds worst floors.  They looked amazing but next to everything I used to clean them streaked, then I discovered vinegar and water. Not only did it disinfect but it left my floors steak free!! So anyways my day consisted of taking the kids to play with noni and opa which was quite useful because it meant I got to hit the grocery store sans kids ( a blog topic for a later date) and then heading home for nap time, descaling the keurig, and making my pies.  There are about a million other things I could have done today like finished vacuuming this morning before heading out or mopping the floors or catching up the laundry, but instead we have pie and a Blog!  So welcome.  Im a mommy, Im a wife, and I love my little life.

Mommy, Daddy and Baby chicken pot pies.