Home updates

So its been forever since I posted, I tend to do that.  I decided I will use this blog to post our finished projects around the home.  As many know we recently moved into a new house and there is so much to be done.  My mom loves to ask me if I have gotten any new furniture lately as my 2 front rooms are empty.  I have been a bit preoccupied with our first Disney Vacation, which was simply amazinG!  My husband and I will be posting our Disney Tips and Tricks soon, so keep an eye our for that 🙂 Anyways now that Disney is out of the way I will be focusing much of my energy around making our house a home.  Project list includes (and warning it is quite extensive) 

A. Entry Way

B. Formal Dining Room

C. Piano Room

D. Guest Room 1

E. Roans Room (Finish it)

F. Finleys Room (Finish it)

G. Our master.

H. Our office

I. Guest Room 2

J. Laundry Room Update

K. Basement

L. Master Bath

M. Kids Bath

O. Gardens

Ok so I was not lying when I said we had LOTS to do and I am instantly regretting making this list because I can see how much needs to be done.  Roan and Finleys rooms are pretty much done just need finishing touches.  I would love to get my front 3 rooms and Guest room finished this spring though, so its definitely a goal as well as the gardens.  Anyways so there is lots to come and hopefully this blog wont sit so empty for long.

Oh and something very exciting over here to mention; A new drive through starbucks has opened on my exit!!!  Life is good.  Mommy time outs can now commence.


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