Just add water.


Every mom knows that day.  The day where you are tired, the day they are tired, when every little thing leads to a temper tantrum or when you JUST.NEED.A.BREAK.  So here is my quick fix, one of many secrets I have to stay sane.  JUST ADD WATER!!! What does that mean? Well it means one of many things but simply put just add water.  Put them in the tub, pull out the water table, pull out the hose, or as we did today just add a little water to the sink, a few toys and some food coloring and instant 30 minute mommy recharge.  Its a great way to get a break, check my emails or post to facebook  (from my phone on the floor next to them of course) or just reset my mood and best of all it keeps them contained to one place.  Most importantly it keeps them happy and out of trouble. Win Win.  That look on his face in the first picture was when he came up with the brilliant idea “hey I KNOW, LETS ADD FISH!” Oh to be 3 again.  Dont worry Finley got a turn next.



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