The Good life

I am guessing if you have ever talked to me a few words probably come to mind. 1. Chatty 2. Bubbly. 3. Upbeat.  So as I was in the kitchen whipping up some chocolate pecan pie and some chicken pot pies for dinner I was thinking to myself I should totally start a blog.  You know one of those mommy blogs with great recipes, quirky stories and great cleaning methods and now here I am. Oh Domestic Bliss.

Today I descaled my Keurig and I totally feel the need to inform the world that your keurig needs to be descaled!  One of my favorite cleaning agents is white vinegar and so descaling my keurig will probably become a favorite passtime of mine.  My love for it developed when we got the worlds worst floors.  They looked amazing but next to everything I used to clean them streaked, then I discovered vinegar and water. Not only did it disinfect but it left my floors steak free!! So anyways my day consisted of taking the kids to play with noni and opa which was quite useful because it meant I got to hit the grocery store sans kids ( a blog topic for a later date) and then heading home for nap time, descaling the keurig, and making my pies.  There are about a million other things I could have done today like finished vacuuming this morning before heading out or mopping the floors or catching up the laundry, but instead we have pie and a Blog!  So welcome.  Im a mommy, Im a wife, and I love my little life.

Mommy, Daddy and Baby chicken pot pies.


2 thoughts on “The Good life

  1. You are an amazing person Sarah, we love you and I am so happy that you started this. Keep it up and I am here if you need help. XXXXOOOO

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